Viet Cong – Viet Cong [Review]

After the disbandment of Calgary’s Women and the sudden death of Christopher Reimer comes up the rises of Viet Cong.
Featuring two ex-Women members vocalist/bassist Matt Flegel and drummer Mike Wallace with Scott Munro (Chad VanGaalen’s band) and Daniel Christiansen.
Their music has been described as “labyrinthine post-punk”.
Viet Cong at the Horseshoe Tavern
I was very sad when Women broke up in 2012 and I thought there would be a slight chance for them to reunion.
Then came the tragic news of the death of Chris, there was no hope for that.
It wasn’t until Pop Montreal 2013 that I saw them play at a dive bar.
I didn’t stay long but I know for sure they would explode.
Come now with all the buzz they have been receiving from the debut self-titled album.

Viet Cong @ L'Escogriffe
Pop Montreal 2013 at L’Escogriffe

The Cassette EP that was release on their tour.
You can say it was a blue-print of what you can expect from Viet Cong’s sound.
I was hoping they had the same style from the EP which was Unconscious Melody and Oxygen Feed.

This album is very dark when you listen to the opening track Newspaper Spoons with its pounding of the drums.
With the second track Pointless Experience, it’s more what the title of songs with it’s dark guitar driven sound.
March of Progress is definitely one of the highlights with its 6 minute epic of dark droning sounds and picks up after the 4:40 minute mark with it’s fast pace rock vibe.
The album ends of with a 11 minute epic Death filled with dark heavy rock music!

Literally this is the best album of 2015.
Best tracks:

  • Newspaper Spoons
  • March of Progress
  • Continental Shelf
  • Silhouettes
  • Death

I’d give this album 10/10!


  1. Matthew

    As quite possibly the biggest supporter of the actual Viet Cong on this list, I feel that I should win this contest. Also, I’ve seen Eric’s and Matías’ collections…they have way too much vinyl, they don’t need any more.

  2. Tyler

    Tyler Ivan Goodman, who can be found at, would love to own this album. In fact. if Ming sees fit to bestow this album to Tyler, Tyler will burn a vanilla scented candle by his collection of Ming Wu photographs every time the album is spun.

  3. Christopher Russell

    “The only friends I have are dead who have bequeathed their writings to me –I have no others.”
    Thomas Bernhard


  4. David

    Great record. I was on my way out to buy this when I saw this posted. Might as well send it over my way!

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