Wintersleep and Walrus @ Ritual [March 3, 2016]

What is the Great Detachment?
It happens to be Wintersleep‘s sixth album and they were in Ottawa for a wonderful packed show at Ritual nightclub.
Wintersleep @ Ritual Nightclub
The show began with Halifax’s Walrus.
The band was recently in Ottawa at Happy Goat Coffee on February 18th and happened to miss out their set.
It was a great for them to open up such a big band.
They performed an amazing psych-rock pop a-la Beatlesque style music.
Walrus @ Ritual Nightclub
Then it was Wintersleep’s turn to perform.
Last time that I saw them play was four years ago in a smaller venue was in Toronto at the Horseshoe Tavern.
For me it is hard to top that show but at least I got to see them again in that setting.
The band was promoting their album The Great Detachment which is out today.
It was a mix of tracks from their repertoire of other albums.
Definitely a wonderful show!
Wintersleep @ Ritual Nightclub
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