Wintersleep @ The Horseshoe Tavern [CMW 2012]

My final stop at CMW 2012 on Saturday night.
I was lucky to get into the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern since it was already packed with alot of great bands playing.
I got there for the last two songs by Two Hours Traffic.
I couldn’t believe I finally got to see Wintersleep live.
You might be shocked that I haven’t been to a full set of theirs.
Wintersleep @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Absolutely amazing set!
The band played a mix of Welcome To The Night Sky and New Inheritors.
Also the band previewed some new tracks from the upcoming album Hello Hum.
Danced Sang my heart out to Archeologists, Oblivion and Weighty Ghost!
Wintersleep @ The Horseshoe Tavern
There was a slight glitch with Tim D’Eon’s pedals/gears not working.
But it didn’t matter to me because I was happy to see them live in such a small intimate setting.
Wintersleep @ The Horseshoe Tavern
This had to be the show on Saturday night at CMW.
Wintersleep @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Words can’t explain it!
But seeing them play at this venue was the most magical night ever.
This ended off my Saturday night and CMW 2012.
Can’t wait for next year’s CMW.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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