Wolf Saga – Wolf Saga [Streaming]

Remember seeing London, Ontario’s Wolf Saga perform at Megaphono 2019 in The Record Centre.
While I was somewhat exhausted from covering the festival but his set was vibrant and fun.
Johnny Saga the mastermind of Wolf Saga has dropped his long-awaited debut self-titled album.
Eight fun and inspiring electro-synth pop dance music.
Think of M83, MGMT and Daft Punk but with an Indigenous vibe and storytelling.

About the album:
Wolf Saga’s album is a collection of thoughts and reflection over a few tough years.
One of his songs “Fall Out” is about leaving a toxic relationship, of any kind, and being able to keep your head up. Getting away from that and not getting caught up in the falling out.

The lyric ghosts of who we’ve all been, come out and start screaming. Who’s had it, who’s had it less fair? will be significant for anyone who’s ever been in a nasty verbal fight with another person. Arguments can spiral into a competition of sorts, about who has been through more in their life, or who has it worse.

The most rewarding part of songwriting is the moment when all the disparate pieces finally come together as a whole. Wolf Saga is the soundtrack of a chapter in my life. I hope it finds you well, and can become a soundtrack to yours.

Wolf Saga gets:

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