Woodhands/We Fled Cairo/Crush Buildings

Last night I went to Zaphod Beeblebrox and went to see three bands
They were Woodhands from Toronto, I Fled Cairo and Crush Buildings both from Ottawa.
I went because I heard of Woodhands and their music is fun to dance too.
Also it was $6 to get in and why not check it out.

Overall it was a great show.
I had a great time.
Here are the photos.

Woodhands @ ZaphodsWoodhands @ ZaphodsWoodhands @ ZaphodsWoodhands @ Zaphods

We Fled Cairo:
We Fled Cairo @ ZaphodsWe Fled Cairo @ Zaphods

Crush Buildings:
Crush Buildings @ ZaphodsCrush Buildings @ Zaphod

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