You Say Party! We Say Die! @ Babylon

Second November 14th night of shows.
This time the venue was at Babylon and it was party central.
Playing there were:

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I missed out the opener which was Ottawa’s Centretown Cripplers.
This is a band who I’ve seen various times in this site.
I did talk to some of the members and they were not worried if I missed their set.
Think About Life @ Babylon
Considering I was at Zaphods and trying to run to get to Babylon.
I got there and was half-way through Think About Life’s set.
They were playing tracks from the current album Family.
Was very surprised with the turnout. I couldn’t get through the floor because people are dancing and having a fun time.
I think I heard tracks like Johanna, Young Hearts and Set You On Fire.
Lastly they sang Sweet Sixteen.
Think About Life @ Babylon
In under just a year, they have become very popular and letting everyone have a great time with their music.
Here is a Sweet Sixteen which was videotaped live at Babylon.

The headliner was You Say Party! We Say Die!
Very excited to see them live because they recently released their new album called XXXX (aka Love).
Haven’t heard any of the songs from XXXX live besides the Sounds Unlikely acoustic session.
Love the stage setup which they had four Xs that light up.
You Say Party! We Say Die! @ Babylon
They started off with This Is XXXX (Within My Heart) which was amazing to hear live.
Then people started to dance like crazy when they began.
It was a mix of the new album and old album.
Heard tracks like Monster and Downtown Mayor.
You Say Party! We Say Die! @ Babylon
Wasn’t until the last two songs, I was very excited and happy to hear.
Sang my lungs off to “Like I Give A Care” and “The Gap”.
The Gap everyone went nuts and Becky decided to go over to the audience and it was insanity.
Surprised with their turnout and everyone had a fun time.
Guessing the promotion they got from X3 being artist gave them a boost in new fans.
Becky did interact with the audience. There was a part in Like I Give A Care where Becky took my hat and wore for abit during the performance.
The encore was a old song but it was a rocking fun time.
You Say Party! We Say Die! @ Babylon
Overall it was a fun crazy night at Babylon.
Here is This Is XXXX (Within My Heart)


  1. Brenda

    Love the pictures Ming! and really, really digging XXXX right now. such a fantastic album. I wish I wasn’t sick when they played here for the album release in Vancouver…

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