Young Benjamins – Bones [Listen/Download]

I was kind of surprised to receive an email from Michael Dawson of Library Voices.
He runs a label called Young Soul Records.
There is a band that he wants everyone to check out.
They are called Young Benjamins.

The members consist of:

  • Neusha Mofazzali
  • Kuba Szmigielski
  • Vaero Poulin
  • Brynn Krysa

Here is a blurb about them.
Long story short, there is this really great young new band from Saskatoon called Young Benjamins who are in the midst of putting together a debut LP before the new year.
In the interim the will be heading out on the road in October.
In general I always feel like Sask bands get a bit overlook nationally.

Hearing the song Bones.
They have that indie dance-pop sound that we are familiar by bands like Library Voices and Rah Rah.
Have a listen or download which is free on their Bandcamp.

Here is their three track EP which is free to download on Bandcamp.

Can’t wait for the full-length.
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