Young Galaxy – Invisible Republic (Review)

Review of the album.

This album sort of quietly came out on August 25, 2009.
I just have to make this review of Young Galaxy‘s sophomore album “Invisible Republic“.
First time knowing this band was back in March where they opened up for Malajube.
I was not familiar with their first album which I was told had a dreamy pop sound.
Listening to this album, it is more a pop rock alternative driven album.
Parts on the album does sound very 1980s new wave sound too.
When I saw them live, they mostly sang new material.
My favorite was Young Galaxy singing Firestruck live.
I can’t stop listening to this album.
Catherine McCandless is very dominant in this album.
Stephen Ramsay mostly sings in Light Years, Dreams and parts of Destroyer.

Young Galaxy has epic ballads in Light Years and Firestruck (My favorite in the album).
Overall I really enjoyed this album.
Catchy and have this feeling of this 1980s Poppy Rock British sound.
Great indie pop album for 2009.

Best tracks:

  • Long Live The Fallen World
  • [audio:]
  • Oh Sister
  • Destroyer
  • Pathos
  • Light Years
  • Queen Drums
  • Firestruck

Here is a interview I did with Catherine back in September
If I rate this, it would be 10/10.
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