Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting [Review]

First album review of 2011.
Not even sure when this album will drop but I read its around February 2011.
I am talking about Young Galaxy‘s Shapeshifting.
So far two tracks has been released and getting alot of buzz.
Will this album have the buzz from the two leading singles.
Let’s find out.

I have a big heart for the band ever since I first saw them open up for Malajube back in March 13, 2009 (Check out the photos).

As listening to the whole eleven, its more a shift from the guitaring rock sound from Invisible Republic to more of a minimal techno/80s retro new wave sound in Shapeshifting.
The album was produce by Dan Lissvik from Sweden.
With the album cover, I felt it had more of summery feel.
With the change of direction in Shapeshifting, it is a far more upbeat album than the previous.
At first I thought Stephen would be dominate in this album when you listen to the beginning track “The Angels Are Surely Weeping”
But its mostly that track, Peripheral Visionaries and Cover Your Tracks (mostly its a duet with Catherine).
Catherine sings in the rest of the other tracks.
But her vocals is truly amazing to listen.
There is no hint of any slow rock ballads like Firestruck in Invisible Republic.
Maybe in the final track Shapeshifting which has this mellow out of this world surreal sound.
But there is one big epic track called For Dear Life which is more a dancey boom synth bass track.
Look likes they are taking chances with this new sounds and it is great.
Coming from a band which is definitely evolving with their sounds.
Still haven’t heard their first album.
Totally digging Shapeshifting!

Best tracks:

Shapeshifting gets:

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