Yukon Blonde, Library Voices & Great Bloomers @ Ritual [April 14, 2012]

It was a great rocking show on Saturday night at Ritual nightclub.
Playing at the show were:
• Yukon Blonde
Yukon Blonde @ Ritual
• Library Voices
Library Voices @ Ritual
• Great Bloomers
Great Bloomers @ Ritual
The show started off with Toronto’s Great Bloomers.
Let’s say this the third time seeing this band live.
Great set as always.
The band played a mix of new and old tracks.
New tracks being from the upcoming second album which will drop in the fall time.
Great Bloomers @ Ritual
Next was Library Voices.
I was really excited for their set since I hadn’t seen them since they played Bluesfest last year.
I really love their album “Summer of Lust”.
Nice to finally see them play tracks from that album live.
It was totally a fun enjoyable and rocking set!
Library Voices sure knows how to put on a great show.
Kind of funny during one song, Carl stepped out on the side of the stage and did some dancing.
It was awkward but interesting to see.
Library Voices @ Ritual
Lastly it was Yukon Blonde.
They put on a wonderful rocking set!
Sad they didn’t had a tiger mascot come on stage from the Toronto show.
The band is just amazing live playing tracks from the new album “Tiger Talk” and self-titled album.
At the end they got the members of Great Bloomers and some of Library Voices on stage.
It was like a mini party happening on that stage.
Overall it was amazing and another great show that happened this past week in Ottawa.
Yukon Blonde @ Ritual
Here are the rest of the photos.

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