Yumi Nu – Hajime [Streaming]

New York based, Japanese-American musician and now being featured on Sports Illustrated 2022 Swimsuit issue Yumi Nu dropped the long-awaited EP called Hajime during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
Hajime is a wonderful blend of alt-R&B and pop music that showcases Yumi’s musical talents.

About the EP:
Coming in at a concise yet fully formed six tracks, the EP is a flawless representation of the era of self-actualization Yumi has reached through years of deconstructing the confines of race, body image, religion, and every nuanced topic in between.
This personal growth has led her to a place of confidence in her fluid view of artistry.

Possessing a rare hypnotic quality in both her sound and aesthetics, Yumi Nu creates a heavenly world that can only exist through the destruction of former limitations. The release of Hajime was intentionally aligned with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
Core to who Yumi Nu is, much of her personal journey is defined by the ever-changing relationship she has with her cultural identity. These themes can be heard throughout Hajime.

On her debut, Yumi said, “Hajime in Japanese means ‘the beginning.’ I thought it was a fitting word to title my EP that because it’s my debut project as Yumi Nu.
I’ve grown so much as a songwriter and artist since the beginning and this project simultaneously feels like the start for me, while also an accumulation of everything I’ve learned and who I’ve become.”

Hajime gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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