Yumi Nu – Illusions [Listen]

Yumi Nu is a New York based, Japanese-American musician.
She dropped the track called Illusions which is the fifth track from the upcoming debut EP Hajime coming out on May 20, 2022.
A sonic vibrant pop song.

About the track:

The releases of “Illusions” as well as the Hajime EP are intentionally in line with AAPI Heritage Month.
Core to who Yumi Nu is, much of her personal journey is defined by the ever-changing relationship she has with her cultural identity.
These themes can be heard throughout all of her releases.

“I wrote ‘Illusions’ about the illusion of the boxes and cages we put ourselves in,” Yumi Nu said.
“I realized I had always had a ceiling over my head of how much potential I could reach and what I was worthy of, but it was me who put it there.
It felt like realizing I was in a simulation.
A belief and narrative I lived in but never questioned if it could be different.”

Illusions gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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