Zeus – Busting Visions [Review]

OK I will admit it!
I wasn’t that much of a big supporter for Zeus.
Yes they are a great band to see live but their first album “Say Us” didn’t give me a lasting impression.
Wasn’t until I caught their CMW session at Sonic Boom and getting the album for free.
Their set just wowed me.
I had a change of heart after listening to Busting Visions.

Busting Visions was dropped on March 27, 2012.
I know it took me awhile to get this up.
Let’s say my ears had a lasting impact.
I was very blown away with how well the band has mastered within their music.
It was like listening to rock music from the late 1960s/early 1970s more specifically “The Beatles”.
The band definitely has improved alot.
The whole album is filled with catchy melodies and lyrics.
Definitely a big surprise in 2012.
If you like classic rock with a touch of hipness.
This is an album to get at the moment.
Not a sophomore slump or curse.
Busting Visions is released on Arts & Crafts.
Best tracks:

  • Are You Gonna Waste My Time?

  • Anything You Want Dear
  • Let It Go, Don’t Let It Go
  • Strong Mind
  • Love In A Game
  • With Eyes Closed
  • Hello Tender Love
  • Cool Blue (And The Things You Do)
  • Now That I’ve Got You

I’d give this album 10/10.
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