Zeus @ Sonic Boom [CMW 2012]

Headed up to Sonic Boom for their CMW 2012 sessions.
I completely forgot that Zeus was doing a in-store session.
I got there when they were half-way into their set.
The band played at the Horseshoe the night before.
So I was like why not see them for free.
There was already alot of people there.
Zeus @ Sonic Boom

Zeus @ Sonic Boom
The band played alot of material from the new album “Busting Visions”.
It was totally a rocking set and proved they can get people on their feet with their indie rock tunes.
They played “Are You Gonna’ Waste My Time?” which a cowbell was used.
To the catchy “Let It Go, Don’t Let It Go”.
Zeus @ Sonic Boom
Definitely a highlight from the Sonic Boom sessions during CMW 2012.
I was thinking of buying a copy of their album and all of a sudden the members was giving away about 5 copies on vinyl for free.
I had to run and grab a copy and luckily I did get it!
All I have that “Busting Visions” is really great album!
Zeus @ Sonic Boom
Here are the rest of the photos.

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