Albums of 2011: First quarter [Top 25]

Wow! The first four months of 2011 has flown by so quickly.
I really don’t do this until the end of the year.
But I think it would be cool to do my Top 25 albums that came out in the first quarter. (IE Winter months/Jan-April)
Since May has begun, I shall list my favorite albums that came out in the first four months.
You maybe shocked and surprised on the list.
Letting you know, I don’t count re-issues/re-releases.
So here it is, the Top 25. (If I forgotten any albums that came out in the first four months please make a comment)

  1. Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting (Review)

  2. Listen to: We Have EverythingPeripheral Visionaries and Cover Your Tracks

  3. Braids – Native Speaker (Review)
  4. Adele – 21 (Review)

  5. Listen to Rolling In The DeepTake It All and Someone Like You

  6. Tune-Yards – w h o k i l l (Review)

    Listen to Gangsta and Bizness
  7. Radiohead – The King Of Limbs (Review)

    Listen to Morning Mr. Magpie and Lotus Flower
  8. Ruby Coast – Whatever This Is (Review)
    Liza Liza Cover Art
    Listen to Whatever This IsCreep Me OutMade To Change and I Live With Monster
  9. James Blake – James Blake (Review)

    Listen to Unluck (via Melophobe) and I Never Learnt To Share (via Listen Before You Buy)
  10. Little Scream – The Golden Record

    Listen to The Heron and the Fox (via)
  11. Dirty Beaches – Badlands (Review)

    Listen to Sweet 17 and Lord Knows Best
  12. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (Review)

    Listen to I Follow Rivers and Love Out Of Lust and Get Some
  13. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Departing (Review)
    Listen to Two LoversMuscle Relaxants and Stamp
  14. The Streets – Computers and Blues (Review)
  15. Listen to OMG

  16. Slow Down, Molasses – Walk Into Sea (Review)
  17. The Luyas – Too Beautiful To Work (Review)
  18. Dinosaur Bones – My Divider
    Listen to Royalty
  19. Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges (Review)
    Listen to From No Part of Me Could I Summon a Voice and Fear of the Unknown and the Blazing Sun
  20. Cut Copy – Zonoscope
    Listen to Need You Now
  21. Daniel Romano – Sleep Beneath the Willow (Review)
    Listen to Time Forgot (To Change My Heart) and Louise
  22. Tennis – Cape Dory
    Listen to Marathon
  23. Hey Rosetta! – Seeds
    Listen to Yer Spring/Welcome
  24. The Good Lovelies – Let The Rain Fall
    Listen to Crabbuckit
  25. Shotgun Jimmie – Transistor Sister
    Listen to Suzy
  26. Jessie J – Who Are You
  27. Listen to Price Tag

  28. The Strokes – Angles
  29. Listen to Under Cover Of Darkness

  30. Timber Timbre – Creep on Creepin’ on (Review)
    Listen to Bad RitualCreep On Creepin’ On and Black Water

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