Andy Shauf – Norm [Streaming]

Today, Andy Shauf dropped his eighth album called Norm via ANTI- and Arts & Crafts.
I’ll say this, I really didn’t like Neon Skyline & Wilds (mostly leftovers from said album) for some weird reason.
This time I really love Norm since it is kind of back to the style of The Party.
Conceptual album about the main character Norm and his adventures he goes through for 36 minutes.
Love the mellow vibe and slow sway to Andy’s songwriting and music.

About the album by Andy:
Norm’s story takes shape through little epiphanies, accumulating like debris from a series of implosions. Its cast of characters includes four voices in all. Three are narrators, inside whose perspective Shauf submerges us for one or more songs.

Alongside story editor Nicholas Olson, Shauf refined Norm’s narrative until he felt the bones of the story as he imagined it lay close enough to the surface to be dug up by anyone who wanted to go looking. With Shauf singing everything, it’s not always obvious at first whose point of view is represented in each song.

But the lyric sheet provides discreet clues to know whose voice we’re hearing at any given moment. Only through repeated listening does the story fully reveal itself.

Shauf wrote, performed and recorded the entire album and enlisted Neal Pogue (Outkast, Tyler, The Creator) to mix.
Pogue took Norm’s sonic framework in a new direction, one with a greater sense of clarity and lots of space.

Listen closely, and deep in the music, a shift happens as the world goes sideways. The tempo slows, vertigo slips in, or a discordant note appears. An uneasy clarinet phrase devolves into a busy signal. A lyric veers from a bird’s-eye-view to intimate thoughts.

The result is a recognizable Shauf production, but with a flowing landscape of suppressed grooves propelling the songs toward uncertain destinations. He’s driving us out to a wild and dangerous place.

Norm gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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