armen at the Bazaar (Review)

armen at the Bazaar is a solo Montreal musician named Armen Bazarian.
Mostly playing shows in the Montreal music scene.
Hopefully he can get out and play outside of Montreal.
Finally got the time to check out his six track EP called Demo 09′.
The music is a mix of indie folk pop rock.
Its like a mix of hearing Leif Vollebekk with Patrick Watson and abit of Still Life Still and The Beach Boys.
I happened to notice Armen when I attended Osheaga this year.
He happened to be joining the guys of Still Life Still on stage for their song Pastel on Sunday.
Surprised that Armen does everything on this EP.
Like hearing the horns in the beginning track in Complications
There is some parts feels Beach Boys breezy pop when you listen to “Expected To Be Telepathic.
Best tracks:

  • Complications
  • [audio:]
  • Hearts & Thoughts
  • ZED
  • Expected To Be Telepathic
  • [audio:]

Overall I was surprised by Armen’s talent on this EP.
Hoping more will come from him in the future.
If I rate this, it would be a 8.5/10
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