Artists/Bands To Look Out For In 2016 [Part Two]

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Here is part two of who I
So I am going to make some wild guesses through BBC’s Sound of 2016, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Word of mouth and what not (Subject on date of release may change).

Artist/Bands to look out for:

  • Tess Roby (Montreal Pop)
  • Nine of Nine (Ottawa folky synthpop)
  • Warp Lines (Ottawa grunge rock featuring members of Big Dick and The Yips. Basically Big Dick with a third member)
  • Warp Lines @ Pressed

  • Oh Wonder (London, UK electro-pop)
  • Darlene Shrugg (Toronto dirty rock featuring U.S. Girls, Slim Twigg and Ice Cream)
  • Dua Lipa (London, UK – Sultry, sophisticated pop)
  • Charlotte Cardin (Montreal pop. Might be the next Coeur de Pirate)
  • Mura Masa (UK electronica)
  • Rainer & Grimm (Toronto electro-dance)
  • Rory Lewis (Ottawa experimental pop. Member of Kalle Mattson)
  • Kalle Mattson @ NAC Fourth Stage

Albums/EPs I’m dying to get/listen:

If you have any suggestions for part three, please comment on the bottom.

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