Astral Swans & Chad VanGaalen – Split EP [Streaming]

Today the Calgarian indie experimentalist Astral Swans and noise-pop multi-media maven Chad VanGaalen dropped their interestingly enough Split EP via Stoner Birds Records and Red Spade Records.
Both artist are unique in their own rights with their experimental pop and alternative music.

About the split EP:
The Split EP is the first in a series of sonically stranger releases from Astral Swans continuing into 2024. Birthed from a residency at a downtown hotel in Calgary came a set of experimental pop songs affixed to a moody techno sound-space that sound unlike anything else bearing the name Astral Swans.

Chad VanGaalen and Matthew Swann (Astral Swans) met in the 00’s as mutual fans of each other’s music, DIY outsider artists in a burgeoning oil city, and this split hearkens back to their scrappy, improvisational roots. VanGaalen produced Swann’s first album as Extra happy Ghost!!!, the ravishing Modern Horses.

VanGaalen “we went through his vault a little” as Swann describes it, carefully selecting his self-recorded songs to put on the split including a cut featuring Alex Edkins (METZ, Weird Nightmare) on broken electronics, the mysterious ‘Frogman.’

Split EP gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.