Best of 2020 : Ottawa Releases [Part 1]

It’s that time when everyone is making their year end list.
So I’m starting off with the Ottawa releases (which includes EP) that came out in 2020.
While with the pandemic, there was only few albums and EPs that I listened to.
Since the big release and return/comeback from this lovely artist came in at #2.
I decided to put this band who released their second album at #1.
EP that is #3, I decided to put it the list since the backing members are from Ottawa.
Again this artist who has put out an album every year since 2017 has made the list and is at #4.

If I am missing other releases, I will make a part 2 so please comment on the bottom and probably will re-arrange the list.

  1. Slack Bridges – Lindenlea to Ledbury
  2. Kathleen Edwards – Total Freedom
  3. Gianna Lauren – Vanity Metrics EP
  4. Area Resident – Jardinova
  5. Blakdemin – Usual Suspects: Seasons III
  6. Leeward Hues – Leeward Hues
  7. maxime. – Temperature EP
  8. Zoe Towne – Mint & Roses EP
  9. Twin Flames – Omen
  10. Bearings – Hello, It’s You


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