Blake Hargreaves & Self Surgery @ Pressed [April 11, 2012]

Went to Pressed for Experimental Music Wednesday.
From April 4 – May 16 there will be a series of live experimental music.
I missed out the first night which I heard did really well.
So I decided to check out the second installment.
Playing at the series were:
Self Surgery
Self Surgery @ Pressed
Blake Hargreaves
Blake Hargreaves @ Pressed

Self Surgery started the set.
It was weird noisy rock set.
Love the toy record player he had on.
Self Surgery @ Pressed
Blake Hargreaves was next.
Had more of that weird noisy electronica sound.
Sounded like he used a sample of New Kids on The Block “Hangin’ Tough”.
It kind of made me wanted to dance.
Didn’t occurred to why he looked familiar, until I figured out that he plays in Caymans.
Blake Hargreaves @ Pressed
It was a nice night at the Pressed.
Here are the rest of the photos.


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