Bozica Radjenovic – The Flood Line @ Karsh-Masson Gallery

Karsh-Masson Gallery had their opening/vernissage for Bozica Radjenovic’s The Flood Line.
I have to say that The Flood Line is a very impressive body of work that Bozica has made.
If you love textile, sculptures and visual artworks, then you should check it out.

About The Flood Line:
With this new body of work, Radjenovic expands her artistic repertoire, casting bronzes from soft knitted sculptures and growing borax crystals on her pieces. She also uses her long-held knowledge of wood carving to create round hand-built structures. These various materials come together in a series of assemblages and installations that are at once stunning and mysterious. Meanwhile, the walls are hung with drawings characterized by the artist’s dreamlike language.
The Flood Line explores the theme of ecological and emotional overflow, evoking events that leave traces on our bodies and minds, just as high water does on the natural environment. A forest of plinths inhabits the centre of the gallery, topped by a treasure trove of hybrid sculptures. Natural objects commingle with human relics: the shattered remains of a human statue are encrusted with debris, fossilized fragments of prehistoric plants, spring roots… All these objects appear to have been washed up by a flood and left to dry atop of reconstructed trees.
– Excerpt by Jenny McMaster

Exhibition runs until September 19, 2021.
Check out the photos.

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