Broadcast Radio, The Ethics and Urban Aesthetics @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

Spring has started and I wasn’t expected in going to this show on Friday night.
But with a little persuading from someone and I went to this show.
It was at Zaphods and the bands playing were Broadcast Radio from Montreal and The Ethics and Urban Aesthetics both from Ottawa.

I’ve seen The Ethics and Urban Aesthetics already and just went to show up my support.
Broadcast Radio @ Zaphods
The first band was Broadcast Radio.
I actually liked their music.
Very indie alternative rock.
Broadcast Radio @ Zaphods I swear there must be something special in Montreal that makes their music scene so interesting.
One song which I don’t know the name, has that Land Of Talk sound.
Their music made me rock.

After them was the new incarnation(I love using that word.) of The Ethics.
I didn’t know that they had changed their line-up.
The Ethics @ ZaphodsAt least there are familiar faces in the band.
One being Matt Arnold from The Soiree and Jon Pearce from Poorfolk.
Just as long the music is great.
Nice indie folk-rock music.
Sang some new songs from the upcoming album in April.
Can’t wait for the CD Release party in April too.

Finally it was the Urban Aesthetics.
The Urban Aesthetics @ ZaphodsThey were great as always.
Sang some new tracks which I really like.
Hoping they release a full album soon.
If not they should perform more in and out of Ottawa.
This was my second time and I didn’t know one of the bassist went to Saturday morning Japanese class.
I am kind of speechless since I didn’t know it was him.
The Ethics @ ZaphodsThe Urban Aesthetics @ Zaphods
Overall it was a nice and fun show.

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