Caribou & Toro Y Moi @ Babylon

Caribou @ Babylon
Caribou and Toro Y Moi played an spectacular sold out show at Ottawa’s Babylon Nightclub on May 4, 2010.
It was unreal and words can not describe the show.
Unless whoever reads this and attended the show would suggest so.
It is one of those shows that you were not disappointed and all the excitement that happens at a Caribou show.
Let’s say Caribou was out in full-force promoting the album Swim and the 2010 Tour CD (which I didn’t get)
Even the opener “Toro Y Moi” was amazing.

Its been about two years since Caribou played Ottawa.
Some venue and atmosphere but different opener.
Toro Y Moi @ Babylon
The show kicked off with Toro Y Moi.
It was my first time seeing him live.
For those that don’t know the music.
The band is from Columbia, South Columbia.
The music was very electronica-chillwave-pop.
I really enjoyed the set.
A girl beside me was so enthralled and was starstruck that she is seeing Toro Y Moi live and near the stage.
The songs they sang were:

  • Minors
  • Blessa
  • Fax Shadow
  • New song
  • Freak
  • Talamak
  • You Hid
  • Low Shoulder
  • Don’t Stop

Lastly it was Caribou’s turn to come up the stage.
He had a backing band.
Caribou @ Babylon
The drummers I recognize in another band called Pick A Piper. (A band you definitely have to see live)
There was a nice video backdrop which they used the works of Jason Evans.
They started off with Sundialing if I am corrected.
Wasn’t until the third song that Kaili was played.
I just went wild since it is one of my favorite tracks on Swim.
Then hearing Melody Day I just to dance to it with friends and people who I didn’t know.
When Odessa was played, people went crazy.
Jamelia another of my favorite tracks on Swim, it was amazing and hypnotic hearing that song.
After Hour, Bowl and Sun was epic beyond believe.
The encore totally rocking.
Overall I totally enjoyed the set and dance like crazy.
I didn’t photograph alot due to the excitement and dancing to Caribou’s music.
It was a mix of Swim, Andorra and The Milk Of Human of Kindness.

Being on a Tuesday night, it felt like Friday night and it was a wild fun time seeing Caribou and Toro Y Moi live.
Before the show, I got to interview Dan Snaith of Caribou.
The interview should be up in a few days.
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    Hi, thanks for the picks and show review. Is the interview with Dan Snaith posted anywhere? If not, could it be made available?

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