Chastity – Vicious Circle (feat. City and Colour) [Music Video]

Today the singer/songwriter Brandon Williams AKA Chastity dropped the music video for Vicious Circle featuring City and Colour.
The fourth single is taken from the upcoming album Suffer Summer which comes out on January 13, 2022 via Dine Alone Records and Deathwish.
A mellow alterna-rock tune which is benefitted by the strong vocals of Dallas Green.

About the track:
On the single, Williams says:
“Once the strings were recorded, I felt like the song became too beautiful for my voice honestly.
I needed help living up to the song’s potential, and asked Dallas Green if he would sing on it with me.
Was genuinely so shocked and excited that he was down.
Once he was on the song it turned out way friggin better than what I ever could’ve hoped.”

Vicious Circle gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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