CHUO Benefit Show with Roberta Bondar & Fevers @ Babylon Nightclub [March 17, 2012]

It’s that time of year where CHUO FM 89.1 does their “Annual Funding Drive”.
From March 16th to April 1st 2012, they will need help listeners and the community to help donate/support them.
This year their goal is $45,000.
If you want to help them, click on here.
On March 17th they held a benefit show at Babylon Nightclub with four great Ottawa bands.
I happened to see two of the acts that were playing.
Roberta Bondar

Sadly I missed out on Boyhood and The Visitors (who I haven’t seen yet).

The show started off with Fevers.
I think this was the first time they played at Babylon.
This time the band got t-shirts ready.
A fun set as always!

Next was Roberta Bondar.
They played a great noisy pop rock set.
They never disappoint live.
At least the audience who was there enjoyed it.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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