CityFolk 2021 [September 16, 2021]

Live music is actually back when CityFolk kick off a mini 3 day event and next week Bluesfest will do the same thing in Lansdowne Park.
Kicking off the first night of the Ottawa Fall Festival was Charlotte Day Wilson, dvsn, Roy Woods and Töme.
The first to go on stage was Töme who performed a great R&B and Pop set. 7/10.
CItyFolk 2021 [September 16, 2021]
Second was Roy Woods, this was when the audience got all excited for his Hip-Hop/Rap music.
Just Roy running around the stage, it was just like someone doing a karaoke set. 6/10.
CItyFolk 2021 [September 16, 2021]
Third was dvsn and again it was an awkward set since it was just Daniel Day on stage.
It was first time seeing dvsn and didn’t know what a dvsn show was suppose to be.
Wasn’t sure what songs he was suppose to perform, letting the audience scream out song titles.
It was a great R&B set. 7/10.
CItyFolk 2021 [September 16, 2021]
Ending the night was Charlotte Day Wilson.
Finally a set that had an actual band performing.
I maybe wrong but this might have been Charlotte’s first Ottawa show.
She did mention this was her first concert in 2 years.
Wonderful pop, R&B and soul set where she performed mostly from ALPHA. 8/10.
CItyFolk 2021 [September 16, 2021]
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Overall Day 1 gets:

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