CityFolk 2023 [Night 3]

Friday was 90s night on the main stage at CityFolk Festival.
British rock band Bush was the headliner and it was a electrifying show and was reliving the 90s alt-rock days.
Performing most from the 2022’s The Art Of Survival and of course 1994’s landmark debut album Sixteen Stone, the band didn’t miss a beat and the audience sure enjoyed it.

Headstones was the second band to perform the main stage.
This was my second time in my lifetime seeing them and I was being cautious not to get in the cross hairs of lead singer Hugh Dillon angst rockstar persona if he spits or have a drink thrown on you when in the photo-pit.
It was a captivating intense rock set.

First band to play the main stage was Sven Gali.
Let’s say it was more of a dad heavy rock music before the sun set down.

Over at the courtside stage had a East Coast folk pop rock vibe.
I stayed for the rest of The Fortunate Ones with their lovely singer-songwriter folky pop music.

Second band was Villages with their folk rock music a-la Fleet Foxes vibe.
Playing materials from 2023’s Dark Island.

First act was Montreal’s Geneviève Racette with country-folk pop music.

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