CityFolk Festival 2018 [Day 2]

No doubt Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018 was definitely my favorite for who was performing that night.
Started off with tUne-YaRds at 6pm.
While it was early there was no way I was missing out.
Considering the last time she was in Ottawa was in 2009 before she got really big.
Impressive set which had some of the audience dancing to her music.
Mostly tracks from the 2018 album I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life and a few from Nikki Nack and Gangsta! If only she played Bizness, the show would have been awesome! 9/10.
Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Ani Difanco was second to perform at the City Stage.
Performed a nice set of folk rock and promoting her 2017 album Binary.
She did get political saying how sorry she was having a president like Trump. 8/10.
Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Andy Shauf performed inside Aberdeen Pavillon at the Ravenlaw stage.
It’s been so awhile since he has played in Ottawa.
There was a big crowd for this and I was very surprised to see it get packed.
Played mostly from the 2016 album The Party and previewed a new song.
Really enjoyed swaying back and forth and singing to his music. 9/10.
Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018
The big night was no other than David Byrne.
Promoting his 2018 album American Utopia, you can expect a theme on the stage with the shimmering chained curtains.
It was a mind-blowing theatrical show that began with David sitting on the table with a brain (fake of course) singing to Here.
I didn’t know by the second song was the 2002 song Lazy which he collaborated with X Press-2 that totally blew me away since it was a big hit in the UK.
His version took away the dancey beats and made it onto his own style!
Band members coming out from the chain curtains dancing and playing the instruments was unbelievable.
This was my favorite show from CityFolk. 10/10!
Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Caught parts of Trampled By Turtles from Duluth, Minnesota.
Performing their blend of indie folk, country and bluegrass music.
Currently promoting their 2018 album Life Is Good on the Open Road.
Lots of high energy fun on stage and they knew they were playing the same time as David Byrne who they wanted to see. 8/10.
Day 2 of CityFolk Festival 2018
Overall night on Day 2 – 9/10!

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