CreativeMornings Ottawa with Josh McJannett

February edition of CreativeMornings Ottawa had Josh McJannett of Dominion City Brewing Co.
About the speaker:
Before co-founding Dominion City, Josh spent a decade in public affairs advising elected officials and providing strategic and regulatory counsel to some of Canada’s best-known companies.
Dominion City offers a golden opportunity to invest right back into the community it’s rooted in. Founded in 2014, with a mission to create delicious artisanal beer emphasizing a connection with the land and the people who make it possible.
Over the last five years, Dominion City has earned a reputation for brewing quality beer, operating as a caring and contributing member of their community and acting as a leading voice in Ontario’s craft beer community.
What started as a place to brew great beer became a place for a much deeper contribution; Dominion City stands acts as a soapbox to bring awareness to their values, and to the causes that bring future ‘richness’.

About the theme which is #CMInvest:
Every day we give our time, resources, and energy to the world through our decisions. We might read certain books, join a new community, or pick up a hobby. And whether we acknowledge it or not, every choice we make is an investment either for or against ourselves.
Wise investing requires patience and awareness. It’s an art that combines our knowledge from past experiences with future aspirations to inform where we’ll put our energy and our heart. To live a sustainable creative life requires us to say ‘yes’ to the choices that bring richness into our lives, even when it seems risky.
In the Investment Theory of Creativity psychologist Robert J. Sternberg discovered: “The greatest obstacle to creativity […] is not exactly strictures from others, but rather the limitations one places on one’s own thinking.”
Take this opportunity to diversify your dreams. Convert your doubts into positive currency and bet on yourself. Without a doubt, you’ll see a worthwhile return.

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