Concert Review: Jim Bryson and Meredith Luce

Last night I attended the Ottawa Folk Festival Acoustic Waves Concert series.
Performing at the GCTC was Jim Bryson and Meredith Luce to a sold out crowd.
I was volunteering and excited to attend this lovely evening.
The show was a fundraiser for the Ottawa Folk Festival which they had an auction of stuff to give away.
The show was also a CBC Radio 2 Canada Live taping.

First off Meredith Luce took the stage and she sang tracks from her old and new album. 
It was my first time to actually she her live because last time I wanted to see her live was at Westfest and only got to hear her sing one song due the crazy thunderstorms.
Her music was very nice to listen and bought alot of emotions when she sang out the lyrics.
Nice intimate session she did on the stage.
She had some nice stories about each songs one about jerks, the other was a cover and etc. 
Meredith Luce is a very talented musician.

After her there was a auction.
It was pretty funny since it was hosted by Ana Miura.

Finally Jim Bryson came on the stage and it was his solo set.
Meaning he had no backing band, so no Jeremy Gara (drummer of Arcade Fire) doing the drummings. 
When he sings with his guitar just blows my mind away.
Some of the songs just brings alot of emotions.
In typical Jim Bryson style, there was the banter he talks before he starts with the song.
Funny to hear and some I acctually remember from previous I’ve attended. 
I missed his encore set because being a  Sunday show the buses in Ottawa are horrible.
Guessing the ending of the show was great.
I didn’t get a chance to purchase his live album since I can’t find his previous album.
There is a song that he sang live is from his previous album. 

Overall it was a great intimate show at the GCTC presented by the Ottawa Folk Festival.
Photos are on this site.

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