Couch Prints – True Religion [Music Video]

Today the NYC-based synth duo Couch Prints dropped the music video for True Religion.
The seventh single is taken from their repackaged EP and now debut album called Waterfalls: Rebirth which comes out on September 15, 2023 via Music Website.
An upbeat bopping electro-pop dance track.

About the track from Couch Prints:
This track delves into the lives of individuals navigating the tapestry of New York, shedding light on the questions that arise as age wreaks havoc on precious plans.
When singer Jayanna Roberts brattily exclaims “We’re crawling through it, the end is near but it’s not today”, it is not in mourning of a lost future, but in celebration of the futility of history itself.
Produced by a talented ensemble including Couch Prints’ own Brandon Tong, Junius Karr (The Hellp, Paris Michael), Thomas O’Donnell, and Ero, “True Religion” is a sonic quilt that weaves together voice memo samples, stomp box guitars, glitchy drums, and screeching synthesizers. The song pairs the pure fun of early aughts nostalgia, with the unsettling ambience of today: Sugar Ray meets David Lynch behind the diner dumpsters. It was mastered by Alec Ness.

“True Religion” marks a major shift in the band’s creative process.
They enlisted the help of live guitarist Tom O’Donnell, and drummer Kai Barshack, in the production room.
They worked alongside friend and collaborator Junius Karr (Brandon plays in Junius’ own live band) They worked with Ero, a collaborator who appeared via Instagram DM’s. This collaborative spirit infuses the track with an eclecticism that pulls the best from many different worlds.
Accompanying the release of “True Religion” is a cranked-up music video shot and produced by Màn Rán Studio in Flushing Chinatown. This evocative visual offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the ugly beauty of the greatest city on earth, blending easily with the song’s themes of mortality and introspection. It takes place in cars, cement factories, and subway stations, in the cold, industrialized machinery at the heart of human life.

True Religion gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.