Dan Mangan – Sleep On The Floor [Music Video]

Today Dan Mangan dropped the lyrical music video on his version of The Lumineers‘s Sleep On The Floor via Arts & Crafts.
An intimate acoustic track that gets you very emotional.

About the cover by Dan:
“When I got word I’d be touring Europe supporting The Lumineers last year in June, I knew I wanted to cover one of their songs,” says Mangan.
“They have so many hits but ‘Sleep On The Floor’ was always the one I’d crank when it came on the radio.
Wes has a distinctive and strong vocal approach, and I thought it would be interesting to attempt the song with a whisper.

Rather than wide open chord changes, a simple piano plodding along keeping pace.
The song is about escape, and as somebody who has literally spent a fair amount of time sleeping on floors and couches around the globe, I wanted to explore the sonically comforting elements of my own nostalgia from a life on the road.”
Sleep On The Floor gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.