Day Two of Escapade Music Festival [July 1, 2012]

After spending some time downtown during Canada Day.
I headed to the Ottawa Baseball Stadium for the second and last day of Escapade Music Festival.
This being Canada Day, there was alot of people wearing all red and white.

I got there when Rebecca & Fiona were playing.
Cool to see two female DJs playing on the main stage.
Considering there aren’t many female DJs in a male dominant genre of EDM.
Rebecca & Fiona @ Escapade Music Festival
Tommy Trash played a hard pumping set of House music.
Tommy Trash @ Escapade Music Festival
R3hab played mostly prog and electro house.
There was an MC accompanying him.
I heard he was completely hammered before, during and after the sets.
Saw him driving the golfcart.
But he sure got people on their feet.
R3hab @ Escapade Music Festival
Thomas Gold was one I was really looking forward.
His set was very club, house and electronica.
What I liked about his set, he played tracks from Ellie Golding’s Lights and Oasis’ Wonderwall.
At the end he finally played the remix I wanted to hear, which was his remix of Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain.
I couldn’t be any happier just dancing and singing to that song.
Thomas Gold @ Escapade Music Festival
Garth Emery just wowed the audience with his trance music.
Gareth Emery @ Escapade Music Festival
Caught Dada Life and it was insane.
There was a inflatable Dada Life on stage.
There was even a inflatable bananas and a bottle.
They wowed the audience with their electro-house music.
Dada Life @ Escapade Music Festival
Didn’t get to stay for Afrojack because at that time I was already feeling exhausted.
Overall it was a interesting festival for people who love EDM.
Here are my Tweets from Day 2.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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