Deanna Petcoff – I Don’t Wanna Get Over You [Music Video]

Today the Toronto musician Deanna Petcoff dropped the music video for I Don’t Wanna Get Over You.
The second single of 2021 and upcoming album for 2022 via Royal Mountain Records.
A catchy indie pop-rock tune about trying to get over someone but you still have fillings for that person.

About the track:
Deanna shares: “I wrote this song with my good friend Jacob Switzer over zoom somewhere during the second lockdown (in Toronto).
We wanted to write something to stay connected to each other during a time of extreme loneliness and isolation, so we decided to take this small idea I had and turn it into this sad, Strokes-y tune.
We’d both been listening to a lot of The Magnetic Fields, and really valued how honest and brutal their writing can be.
We wanted to say something that hurt a little bit, was a little bit embarrassing, and ultimately the most honest we could be.”

I Don’t Wanna Get Over You gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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