Dizzy – Open Up Wide [Music Video]

The Oshawa band Dizzy dropped the music video for Open Up Wide.
The third single is taken from their upcoming self-titled eponymous third album which comes out on August 18, 2023 via Royal Mountain Records.
Upbeat indie pop that has a 80s new wave synthpop vibe song.

About the track by Dizzy:
A perfect synthesis of airy pop vocals and grittier instrumentals, it was produced by Grammy-nominated David Pramik and explores the vulnerability of sharing fresh art with a jaded audience.
Sonically captivating and thematically scathing, the track is an insatiable ear worm, audaciously criticizing the way industry perverts the artistic process.

“When we started recording the album our producer David was super conscious of cutting the fat from each song.
One afternoon he encouraged us to write our parts in a simpler, more “spoonfed” fashion for easy listening, when Mack piped up cheekily “Open up wide! Here comes the airplane!”.
The next morning we were all feeling a bit resentful of that mindset and “Open Up Wide” came to be while we were having our morning coffees.
It’s a tongue and cheek ode to a music industry we’ve never understood all that well.”

Open Up Wide gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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