Dusted – Baseball [Listen]

Today Dusted which is Brian Borcherdt of Holy F**k other project, has dropped the second single called Baseball.
The track is taken from the upcoming album III which comes out on this Friday digitally via AWAL.
Baseball is a warm fuzzy lo-fi pop ditty.

About the track:
Like flinging the door open to a bright summer’s day, this is a song for new beginnings, the first blooming flushes of love and the moments spent lost in a happy daze that no cloud no matter the shade nor size could darken.
Fusing the carefree charm of Ray Davies with Beach Boys-esque inflections, ‘Baseball’ reveals Dusted’s unique skill to translate a depth of feeling that few could achieve with such sparse, austere instrumentation.

Of the track, he says: “My wife and I were living apart. She was taking a cinematography course while I was living in rural New York. She needed music for an assignment, so I wrote and recorded three songs for her that weekend.
“Two of the three were secretly for her, not just for her assignment. One was probably the most ‘love-song-iest’ love song I ever wrote – because that’s what we do when we miss someone. And the other, ‘Baseball’, was a song about growing up amidst narcissists. Though I never explicitly told her that, I’m sure she understood the meaning. It’s a song of sympathy, more accurately empathy. And therefore, it is still a love song. It’s also a song about being really blue because that’s how I felt when I wrote it.”

The sparse instrumentation along with its origin story ensures ‘Baseball’ retains the intimacy that defines ‘III’. ‘Baseball’ and the rest of the songs that make up ‘III’ spent years in exile before Borcherdt re-discovered them in the midst of a series of 24-hour drives moving his wife, new-born daughter along with all their worldly possessions back home to Nova Scotia.

Baseball gets:

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