Edwin Raphael – Sea Of Things [Music Video]

After releasing the song Mild Sanity in October.
Montreal musician Edwin Raphael dropped the single and music video for Sea Of Things.
The second single is taken from the upcoming EP Staring at Ceilings which comes out on February 26th, 2021 via Dine Alone Records.
Another beautiful dreamy pop

About the song and music video:
“This song heavily reflects a spectrum of human indulgence, be that with love, life’s anxieties and addictions. I think being influenced by artists like Nick Drake, Ben Howard, John Mayer were pivotal for me to have a sort of foundation for my sound. Producing this song was a bit of a challenge to hone in on really feeling underwater, I also essentially looped the main guitar to portray the vicious cycle of anxiety with constant additions to reflect and parallel the textures of the sea and the abstract nature of feeling underwater.”

“With the music video, Jonathan (editor) and I also portray the same underlying themes. Stylistically the concept is woven in dualism and complex details to really parallel brain waves as well as one’s thoughts. It was important to have a real level of aestheticism that was in sync with the song to really forge a real relationship and show interdependence.”

Sea of Things gets:

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