Eliza Niemi – Staying Mellow Blows [Streaming]

An album that came out on August 5th was Eliza Niemi‘s Staying Mellow Blows via Tin Angel Records & Vain Mina.
A lovely and poignant indie pop records.

About the album:
Her self-produced new album, Staying Mellow Blows is about slowing down for the first time in a long time and having space and time to reflect on her life.
She’d spent the majority of her adult years on the road with various bands such as Mauno and when the pandemic hit, she was suddenly and unexpectedly in one place for over a year.
It was a shock to her system and brought about some serious introspection.

The album was a collaborative and remote work reflective of the pandemic era it was written in.
“For me, this album was an exercise in letting go. I was particular about what I wanted the core of the songs to be about, the words, the structure, my voice, and that’s it.

I brought them to my friends to add their own interpretations and parts. I was very particular about whom I chose to do what parts and for which songs, but other than that I just let everyone have free reign.

I don’t think I asked anyone for any edits or re-dos. It came together quite beautifully. It was really emotional hearing everyone’s parts as they sent them back.
A couple times, more than one friend would be laying down parts at the same time and when I got them both back, they would serendipitously work perfectly with one another.”

Staying Mellow Blows gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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