Emilie Kahn – Endless [Music Video]

Today the Montreal musician Emilie Kahn dropped the music video visualizer for Endless.
The third and final single is taken from the upcoming album called Maybe which comes out this Friday via Secret City Records.
A beautiful and dreamy harp pop tune

About the track by Emilie:
“’Endless’ is a song that’s hopeful and maybe a little delusional, which felt like the perfect way to end the album. I think it wraps up the album’s sentiment with the idea that maybe your destiny is in fact in your own hands.”

“The verses are my more grounded, realistic side, where I was thinking, ‘things are bad but maybe I can take action to change them’ versus the wistful choruses that lean on a more fantasy, metaphysical solution to my problems; as if there could be a portal door leading to a better world. I love how this song turned out, with the verses sounding small and intimate and the choruses sounding big and magical even though there’s mainly just harp with my vocals and vocoder.”
The video was directed by Jean-Philippe Sansfaçon, a recurring collaborator of Emilie Kahn for this album.

Endless gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.