Emilie Kahn – Maybe [Streaming]

Today the Montreal-based musician Emilie Kahn dropped the anticipated third album called Maybe via Secret City Records.
A beautiful luscious album filled with love, heartbreak and life songs.

About the album by Emilie:
“MAYBE” is a collection of shimmering, lovesick pop music, dispatched from the space between yes and no.
Over 14 tracks, the Montreal musician oscillates from sunburned hopelessness to a quickening confidence, sharing vivid stories from the life and times of a singer with a five-foot harp and a heart full of desire.

A few years ago, Kahn decided to quit town. She had already released two albums. But it was a classic quarter-life crisis—imagining a perfect paradise waiting someplace else.
Kahn packed everything, including her harp, into a boxy Mazda 5 and drove cross-country to Los Angeles. Everything would be easier there, Kahn was certain. She’d write songs, fall in love, and instantly, effortlessly, make it.

Unfortunately, LA’s promise proved a mirage. As California sidled into a snowless, changeless winter, Kahn had had enough of its façades: she drove all the way back east, to her parents’ house in rural Ontario, and holed-up in-studio with her old friend Jean-Philippe Levac.
She showed him the tracks she’d been saving up—songs about crushes, love triangles, anxiety, and life as an artist—and soon they were recording music that was mature and confident, shimmering with a surprising new assurance.

Kahn fully assumed her role as co-producer, shaping a sound that was stripped back and natural, with a clearer focus on voice and harp. “I had arrived in this place where I had these really refined ideas about the sounds that I wanted,” she says, even if “the songs themselves were still full of self-doubt.”

Maybe gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.