Empress Of – I’m Your Empress Of [Review]

(Despite what we are dealing with at the moment. Do support them whatever you can!)
Empress Of‘s third I’m Your Empress Of out on Terrible Records
This is a heavy dance-electro album filled with social, relationships and culture commentary that will enjoy shaking a move to.

Best tracks:
Bit of Rain

Love Is A Drug

U Give It Up

Give Me Another Chance


About the album:
This record wasn’t written in a remote location.
It wasn’t written in a collaborative effort.
It was written in my small studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles over two months in between touring the world.
Music is magic.
Something that possesses me, shows me things about myself that aren’t easy to see.
It’s called I’m Your Empress Of because I’ve always felt that once a song is done, and the emotion is there and it’s not inside me anymore, it belongs to the world.

I’m Your Empress Of gets:

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