Fast Romantics – F**k Yourself [Music Video]

The Toronto-based band Fast Romantics dropped the music video for Fuck Yourself.
The fourth colourful eyebrow raising single is taken from the band’s upcoming album called Happiness + Euphoria which comes out on September 27, 2023 via Postwar Records.
While the title is not radio friendly but it is a great heavy indie rock track that get you singing along!

About the track from Fast Romantics:
“Every Fast Romantics record has some kind of anthem on it,” notes lead singer and songwriter Matthew Angus. “and I think ‘Fuck Yourself’ is that song this time around. This started out as a song about a very specific person, but as I wrote, it kept shapeshifting into being about a whole spectrum of human dumpster fires. By the end — as so often happens — the target turned out to be myself. Now that it’s finished, your guess is as good as mine as to who it’s really about, but it feels really fucking good to sing and that’s all that matters to me.”

With a genius *bleeped* radio edit, and a complete head-scratcher of a video, this could just be the curse-filled song of the summer we have been waiting for and weren’t even sure we needed, but do we ever…

“The video is this really beautiful fever dream cooked up by our dear friend and talented director Ryan Thompson. We fell in love with his idea and he just ran with it. I guess you could say it’s like Full House meets Battlestar Galactica meets The Trueman Show. But yeah, I can’t get over the way it elevates the song. Ryan really got the tune and told a hilariously dark and weirdly deep story. We couldn’t be more in love with it.”

Fuck Yourself gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.