Geordie Gordon – Tambourine [Music Video/Streaming]

Today the Guelph musician who you see play in U.S. Girls and Islands – Geordie Gordon – has dropped the music video for Tambourine.
The third single is taken from the album of the same name via Victory Pool Music.
A cool indie folktronica tune.

About the music video and album:
“‘Tambourine’ is the second song I wrote for the album that would eventually share its title. I had decided to mine pivotal moments from my past, expanding each memory into a song. For this track I delved into the classic literary narrative of the queer coming-of-age story. Growing up, I was so singularly enamoured with creating music that exploring my queer identity took a back seat. That all changed one night when a friend took me into the city to see the album release concert for the Hidden Cameras’ The Smell Of Our Own.

“The band had taken over a church, filling it with yellow streamers with explicit lyrics projected on bedsheets and masked go-go boys. I was so awestruck by the community power harnessed in broadcasting such an unabashed display of queer joy that the feeling has stayed with me to this day. I finally felt all aspects of myself existing in one artform.”
Tambourine, is Geordie’s own coming-of-age story, in more ways than one.
It’s the album that will introduce the world to Geordie Gordon’s depth of talent as a singer, arranger, lyricist and melodicist.

Tambourine opens with the title track, about a teenage Geordie (pron. Jordy) taking the bus from his small university town to Toronto to see the Hidden Cameras. There, the closeted teen witnesses an outburst of queer and pansexual joy, where tambourines are passed to the crowd and all are welcome to join the celebration: ‘They were an army of love / With sound raining down from above / lifting their violins / holding their heads high and proud’. The album closes with “Homecoming”, a song written after Geordie listened to an audiobook by activist Cleve Jones. “He worked with Harvey Milk, and in a short few years he went from being this hippie boy in the late ’60s to later running the AIDS quilt after losing all his friends. That song is a tribute to the ancestors for their brave service.”

Tambourine gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.