Gulfer – Clean [Music Video]

Recently the Montreal band who I haven’t heard in awhile Gulfer dropped their stand alone single and music video for Clean via Topshelf Records.
A 90s alt-rock vibe tune.

About the track by Joe:
“The choice for us to set the video by the pool was a way for us to twist some of the song’s darker lyrics (There were two ports in the storm / fish him out in his uniform) into something bright and upbeat is that tension between the lyrics and the instrumentation is part of the song itself”

The song’s eerie and nightmarish sense of imagery is intentionally left to be uncertain as the band subtly pushes their narrative scope.
“At this point in our career, I realized the songs could be about anything,” says guitarist and vocalist, Vincent Ford.
Even still, the gentle and melodic sensibility that has made Gulfer a cult favorite still shines brighter than ever.

Clean gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.