Heavy Bedroom – A Fuzz Rock Ottawa band

I was curious about this Ottawa band called “Heavy Bedroom”.
To my knowledge it happens to be a trio consisting of Alex Maltby and Tyler Ivan Goodman of Roberta Bondar & Matt Gilmour of ex-New Teeth and Hamilton.
The band has only released four tracks which is on their Soundcloud page.

Heavy Bedroom
Their music has that 90s alterna-rock fuzz sound and lyrics is very melancholy.
These are the two songs I like from them.
Goodbye a very intense fuzz rocking sound.
hold on a mellow track and then picks up at the end. I find the ending reminds me of Pulp’s Like A Friend.
Hopefully they will make more music if they aren’t busy with other projects.
The band will be playing tonight at the Doldrums Winter Music Festival at Cafe Dekcuf.
So check them out and details are on here.
Anyways have a listen to the two tracks I’ve mentioned

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