Hooded Fang, Allie Hughes & JF Robitaille @ The Black Sheep Inn

Hooded Fang @ The Black Sheep Inn
I couldn’t help myself to see Hooded Fang on July 29, 2011.
The night before they played at Mavericks for the Pop Off! Tour.
This time they played at the lovely Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield Quebec.
So I was like why not see them for the second time and thanks to a friend for the ride.

Also playing at the show was:

JF Robitaille @ The Black Sheep Inn
Montreal singer-songwriter, JF Robitaille was the first to go out.
It was just him and his guitar.
Very acoustic folky style.
It was the second time I seen him live. First time was at the Avant-Garde Bar with Jon Cohen.
He was promoting his new album Calendar.
It was lovely set and was happy to see him live again.
I got a chance to interview JF.
Check out his song Modern Love Song Pt.1.
Modern Love Song pt.1 by JF Robitaille

Second was Toronto’s Allie Hughes.
I haven’t seen her play in the Ottawa area for quite some time.
Mostly she has been doing her shows in Toronto to great review.
This time she seemed to played a normal set.
As Allie called it “A German theatrical set”.
There was a mic problem but was later fixed when Allie had to switch to a different mic.
Favorite part when she killed off her band members.
Allie Hughes @ The Black Sheep Inn
She did a solo and didn’t noticed that Randy (violin) was playing while lying down.
It was a great set but sort of miss the costumes.
Allie Hughes @ The Black Sheep Inn
Lastly it was Hooded Fang.
They played a great set.
Forgot that from the show before they played a cover of ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’ by the Everly Brother.
Mostly played tracks from the new album Tosta Mista and some track from “Album”.
I really enjoyed it since it was the Black Sheep and had more of a sit down intimate feel.
I will see them against in an instance if they come back to Ottawa.
Listen to Den of Love from Tosta Mista.
Hooded Fang @ The Black Sheep Inn
Here are the rest of the photos.

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