Hotshotcasino’s Digital 7″

This is a unique approach for their upcoming show at Le Petit Chicago on August 13, 2011.
Ottawa’s hotshotcasino has finished with a 7″ called Playing Slow.
It includes two tracks called:

Taken from the press release:
With a performance at Le Petit Chicago, Hotshotcasino will share the new 7″, that will be available as a free download.  
In the habit of sharing original music for no charge, the band’s cunning has achieved connection to a substantial audience.  
Hotshotcasino’s pay-with-a-tweet single, “This City” invented national attention (25,000 downloads + 300,000 hits in a month) as ChartAttack’s song of the day, featured in The Globe & Mail, and CBC Radio 3, in the same year as a television appearance on MusiquePlus.
Celebrating merch-guy Louis-Alexandre’s birthday the night of release, Hotshotcasino have offered to negotiate cover in exchange for cupcakes. An event listing is here.

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?
Also playing at the show will be StillNative and Scattered Clouds
Louder by StillNative

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