Hubert Lenoir – SECRET [Music Video]

Quebecois musician Hubert Lenoir dropped the music video for SECRET.
The leading single is taken from the second album Musique directe which is TBA via Worse/Terrible Records and Simone Records.
The song is a decent alternative pop track that is the French version of Mac DeMarco.

About the song:
“This is a song about the feeling of unshared love and being rejected when you know that it’s only because you’re different,” Lenoir explains.
“It talks about social rejection and keeping those feelings for yourself because “what’s the point” and anyway you don’t stand a chance.

Not necessarily feeling bitterness or blaming the others but still finding the situation extremely sad and sending condolences to everyone that is like me, everyone that could live with the same ostracization in silence.
A way of saying: I’m sorry, it won’t be easy.”

SECRET gets:

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