HUMAN / NATURE Opening @ Saw Gallery

Saw Gallery held their opening for HUMAN / NATURE.

About the exhibition:
The exhibition HUMAN / NATURE navigates the confluence of art, science, technology and the natural world.
Bringing together research-based practices that transform our understanding of the visible and invisible worlds around us, the exhibition features innovative experiments between humans and living organisms.
Plant and insect life are featured predominantly in the exhibition, including 200,000 mealworms eating away at Styrofoam sculptures in an installation by Copenhagen-based Recoil Performance Group.
Over the course of the exhibition, multidisciplinary artist Annie Thibault will tend to a fungi laboratory in the gallery, creating a captivating universe of growing living matter.
Marie-Jeanne Musiol presents the video installation Mirrors of the Cosmos, synthetizing her many decades of research into the phenomena of energetic nature, recording the luminous imprints of plants in an electromagnetic field.

The exhibition runs until April 15, 2023. (So you better check it out since it won’t be on for long)
Check out the gallery.

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